Smart meter

Discover the characteristics of one of the key elements of smart grids

The electrical networks as a key factor in the energy transition

Electricity grids will play a major role in the energy transition to address such challenges as increased electricity consumption, electric vehicle recharging systems and the integration of increased renewable power generation.


Do you know the advantages of the smart meter?

As you’ve very likely got a smart meter at home or in your office, we’re going to tell you all about the advantages this digital appliance can offer you as a consumer.

Los 4 pasos para tener electricidad

Do you want electricity


We will explain how to do it in four simple steps.

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Would you like to know about your consumption and when you have consumed it?

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If we were unable to read your meter, you can send us your reading here.

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design of a house with smart grids

We lead national and international projects with the aim of researching and developing technological standards for smart grids. We incorporate new technology into our electrical grids to transform and adapt them to your needs.

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