We digitise energy

To rise to the challenges of the new energy situation, at UFD we are transforming through the automation and smart operation of our distribution networks, based on a high level of remote control and sensorisation of our facilities in general and of our supply points in particular, thanks to the smart meters.

Our high level of technification and digitisation enables us to manage a network of grids comprised of a smart combination of electrical engineering, telecommunications, power and control electronics, sensorisation, automation and information and control systems, giving our network flexibility mechanisms for managing the generation and demand that is increasingly distributed and dynamic.

We also continue to evolve our Digital Services Platform as a space where users can complete all their formalities on any device, anytime, anywhere, as the primary point of contract amongst the different agents in the electricity system.

We create the future of electricity

Smart grids

We are incorporating new technologies into our power grids to transform them into smart grids, capable of processing and integrating all actions taken by the agents connected to them as generators, distributors and consumers.

Drones e IA

We inspect our power lines using drones flying beyond visual range, processing the images with Artificial Intelligence.

Remote supervision

We supervise our distribution network remotely with the technology of the Microsoft Azure IoT suite to collect and analyse data, and the installation of sensors that leverage the potential of the cloud to provide real-time analysis.

Smart logging and pruning

We practice smart forest management from a highly technological viewpoint by using a digital twin, data analytics software and a geolocation app. At the same time, we apply traditional solutions such as the use of native livestock for forest clearing.

Transformer Stations

We conduct automated operations of the grid and our transformer stations through thousands of remote control and advanced supervision elements that provide us with real-time information.

Real-time remote management

We conduct real-time remote management on maintenance and construction operations for grids and substations from an efficiency centre with an aggregate view of the information systems and completely digitised management processes.