Consult the values by province of the access capacity in our electrical substations, in accordance with Article 12 of Circular 1/2021 of the National Authority for Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Capacity map


The following map shows the geographical position of each distribution substation.

Based on the detailed specifications for determining the generation access capacity of distribution networks published by the National Authority for Markets and Competition (CNMC) on 20 May 2021, UFD evaluates the access capacity of our distribution networks according to the following criteria:

  • Access capacity in conditions of total availability
  • Access capacity in conditions of unavailability in mesh networks with effective support (N-1)
  • Access capacity in conditions of connection/disconnection
  • Access capacity by short-circuit power in Power Park Modules (PPM)
  • Access capacity by maximum power to be injected in one point

Our capacity studies are intended to maintain safety, maximise generation integration capacity, and guarantee supply security.

The access capacity published by virtue of Article 33.9 of Act 24/2013, Article 5.4 of RD 1183/2020, and Article 12 of Circular 1/2021 must be considered for information purposes only, without replacing the need for a specific study for each application for access and connection to our distribution network.

It should be remembered that in compliance with Article 8 of RD 1183/2020, we cannot accept applications for access and connection in electrical substations where the access capacity that can be assigned has been found to be null.

The determination of access capacity of a specific generation installation and a given point in our distribution network will be evaluated in the procedure of obtaining assess and connection permits, after the corresponding application made in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The available access capacity in each substation can be affected by the influence of adjacent networks and/or acceptability reports.


You have published a substation with available access capacity of 20MW at voltage level 20kV and 33MW at voltage level 66kV. Does this mean I can apply to connect to 2 power generations for a total of 53MW?

No, the publication of available capacity refers to the maximum injection capacity of each point on the distribution network, without considering their possible influence on each other.

The publication shows a substation with 5MW available access capacity and I'm interested in connecting to 7MW generation. Can I apply for a 7MW connection?

Yes, the published capacity is merely for guidance and does not limit the maximum generation level you can request to inject into the network. You can ask for the capacity you want, at the point you want. Based on these two parameters, UFD will produce the relevant study to confirm the maximum capacity that can be injected at that point in the distribution network.
The requested power must agree with the thresholds defined in Section 3.1 of Annex II of the detailed specification.

You have published a substation with available capacity of 20MW at voltage level 15kV. Does this mean that there is a connection capacity at that substation, and therefore if I apply I will get that capacity?

No, the publication of capacity is limited to all substations with access capacity. A specific study will be needed to evaluate the access and connection capacity available at the requested point.

I’m looking for a substation on the map and I can’t find it.

The substations published on the capacity map are those with at least one bar belonging to UFD with the possibility of access, without indicating a viable connection. Substations belonging to third parties are not shown.