In the case of most power supplies, the measuring equipment or meter is owned by UFD and customers pay a monthly fee that appears as equipment rental on their bill. Nonetheless, in some cases the customer owns the measuring equipment.

If you wish to make any changes to measuring equipment ownership, whether you want to become the owner or stop being the owner of your measuring equipment, you must apply by filling in the following form.

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if you decide that you want to own the equipment, you will no longer pay the rental fee but will be responsible for ensuring Approved suppliers that it meets the applicable regulations and is in good condition and up to date so that it can correctly transmit your consumption and/or generation data. If we own the equipment, we’ll take care of everything and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Here are the steps you need to follow!

How do we manage changes to measuring equipment ownership?

Fill in the application form.

You have to tell us whether you want to own your measuring equipment or if you want to pass ownership over to UFD. Fill in all the fields in the form and we’ll tell you which documents you need to attach. If you have any questions, consult an authorised installer.

We’ll process your application

If we have any questions about the documentation you have provided or need additional information, we’ll contact you via the email or telephone number you indicated in your application.

We’ll come to check your installation

If you want to take over the ownership of your meter, we need to check that your new equipment meets the technical requirements and is correctly installed. Then if everything is okay, we’ll remove UFD’s device and seal the new one. If you have asked us to take over ownership, we need to verify that your electrical installation is suitable so we can install our new meter.

We’ll reply to you

If everything has gone well, we’ll let you know that your application has been resolved within a maximum of 15 calendar days after you submit it. If not, we’ll inform you why we couldn’t resolve your application and ask you to apply again.

Application form

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I want UFD to own my measuring equipment.

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I want to own my measuring equipment.

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