To provide you with a better service, here you can let us know if you have seen any UFD installations whose maintenance you think we can improve.

In the event of an incident or fault that puts our networks or installations at immediate risk, we recommend that you contact our breakdown service immediately on 900 333 999. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to deal with emergencies.

Do not use this form to report emergencies Your safety is our priority.

What kind of installations can I suggest could be improved?

On the aerial electricity

Cables: fastening

Cables: damaged

Cables: distances

Post: structural damage

Pole: damage to pole components

On the underground electricity network

Manhole: damaged and condition

Ditches: condition of road surface

At transformer stations

Building: structure, roofing and cladding

Building: doors/grilles

Building: leaks

Environment: cleanliness and obstructions

In relation to the environment

Noise and vibrations


Construction site waste

Trees close to the network

Note: If you are registered in the private area, you can carry out this procedure from the “My requests” section, where you can also track your request.  

How to do it

I would like to report the status of a UFD installation

I would like to provide documentation regarding a previous request