At UFD, we connect with suppliers through two channels: a more direct one that accelerates online procedures (Suppliers’ Portal) and the Transport-Distribution Communication System (SCTD), which is a channel officially designed for the relationship between the distributor and the supplier, meaning the contracting, invoicing and claims can be tracked.

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Marketing Company Portal


Centralise supply company requests for UFD


Management efficiency and request tracking

The UFD Marketing Company Portal is a tool for the company and its supply companies to exchange information. It is based on a relationship model that seeks efficiency in processes. The only requirements to use it are an Internet connection, a user account on the portal and an e-mail address to exchange information through tickets.

Registration request

To request access to the Marketing Company Portal, send an e-mail with the subject “Registration to Portal” to Once registered, supply companies will receive an e-mail with instructions to activate their username and choose a password.

Related file

Marketing Company Portal Manual (PDF 2.5MB)

Transport-Distribution Communication System (SCTD) - TPA Procedures


Addition or deletion of account, contract modification, changing supply companies





The Transport-Distribution Communication System (SCTD) can be used to manage a change in supplier, modify a TPA contract, delete an account or terminate a TPA contract and cancel requests.

Requesting access to the SCTD

Although the SCTD is a common tool for all distributors, each distributor must manage its own access independently.

To request access to the Naturgy group SCTD, you must first register as an electricity marketing company with the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and request this access through the Marketing Company Portal (SCTD> User > User registration).