We are UFD, the Naturgy Group electricity distribution company


A Smart Distribution Company

We are the third largest electricity distribution operator in Spain and we operate in Galicia—where we are the largest electricity distributor—as well as Castilla La Mancha, Castilla-León and the Community of Madrid.

We serve 3.8 million supply points with a network of 114,000 kilometres of high, medium and low voltage lines, maintaining and operating the networks with a commitment to ensuring service under conditions of efficiency, safety and quality.

Recent investments, together with the resources used for operation and maintenance, have helped service reliability reach 99% in recent years.

Our modern distribution network, both at technological and management level, plays a fundamental role in energy transition towards a decarbonised model.

We maintain a strong commitment to society and the economic development of our regions. We consider sustainability and the environment fundamental cornerstones for creating economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term.

Our attributes

Our 4 attributes are linked to the Naturgy values that underpin the Strategic Plan

A lead player in the

Energy Transition

One Planet

For a more sustainable

Innovative and


Forward Vision

Innovating for a
better future

A synonym for


Excellence Driven

with excellence

Committed to the

different regions

People Oriented

Transforming from the
most human side

Corporate Responsability

As a company in the Naturgy Group, we undertake our business while respecting the commitments established in the Naturgy group’s Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Corporate Responsibility Policy