Request a supply

In the My supplies section of the Private Area you can request your new supply.

 What information will we ask for?

– Personal details (name, NIF, e-mail address, telephone number)
– Details of the Supply Point

Remember! The application must comply with the legal requirements for the process to be valid.


Send the necessary information

In order to assess your request, we will sometimes need additional information about the supply point. In these cases, we will tell you everything we need you to send us.

You can send us the information via the website.


Accept the technical and financial terms and conditions

Once we have assessed your request, we will send you the technical and financial terms and conditions of the works to be carried out to connect the supply, indicating the work we will need to do ourselves and the work you can pay a specialised installation company to do.

Once you accept these terms and make the payment, we will get to work.


Choose a supply company, sign a contract and enjoy the service

When we finish our work, we will let you know that your installation is ready and tell you your CUPS number (Universal Supply Point Code), which is essential for contracting an electricity supply.

Finally, choose a supply company
(you can find them on the CNMC website at www.cnmc.es), sign a contract and enjoy the electricity supply.

Please note that...

…you will need to meet the requirements and obligations established in current legislation to connect your facility

To request temporary service

(lasting less than 2 months for events, fairs, etc.), please ring our toll-free number at 900111999.

Find out how much it costs to connect to the grid or increase your power

Whenever you request a new power supply point, reactivate an existing connection or increase your power you have to pay so-called rights of connection, hook-up, installation verification and actions on measurement and control equipment, which are regulated by Royal Decree 1048/2013 of 27 December (Articles 24, 25 and 29). Read more

Current legislation

Below you can find a list with part of the legislation that may be applied.

  • Royal Decree 1955/2000, of 1 December, regulating the activities of transportation, distribution, marketing, supply and procedures for authorising electricity facilities.
  • Royal Decree 1110/2007, of 24 August, approving the unified Regulation on electrical system measurement points.
  • Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29 December, on access and connection to electricity transmission and distribution grids.
  • Royal Decree 1048/2013>, of 27 December, establishing the methodology for calculating electrical energy distribution remuneration.
  • Royal Decree-Law 23/2020, of 23 June, approving measures regarding energy and in other areas to stimulate economic recovery.
  • Act 24/2013, of 26 December, on the Electricity Sector.