We are committed to an integrated, optimised and more flexible network!

Electricity grids are transforming to meet the challenges posed by energy transition and new consumer demands. An efficient integration of distributed energy resources (demand, storage, electric vehicle, renewable and distributed generation, etc.,) is a challenge and requires the development of a new, more decentralised, dynamic and flexible distribution model, which depends on digitisation of the management of the grid and the relations with these resources.


New services and solutions for you!

Here are the new features that we recently added to our Digital Services Platform. A whole world of services and solutions to make sure your experience with us is a great one. Find out about them!


Self-supply is now even simpler with our Digital Services Platform

Did you know that, some time ago, we made 5 commitments because we want you to know that your satisfaction as a customer or user is our top priority? One of these commitments is to make connection to the electricity network easier, managing new self-supply connections in a more streamlined manner.