A sustainable company is one that creates short- and long-term economic, environmental and social value, thereby contributing to greater well-being and genuine progress for present and future generations.

We at UFD, as part of the Naturgy group, are aware of the impact of our actions on the people and environments we are in contact with, which is why we are setting ourselves several commitments to guarantee their well-being.

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Our actions


As an electricity distributor, we put special emphasis on implementing our environmental policy.

Climate change and energy transition

We promote the digitalisation of electricity grids, a key feature for energy transition, and help our users to consume energy in a more sustainable way.

Greenhouse gas effect

All operations involving the handling of equipment with sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) are carried out by duly qualified staff using the most advanced equipment on the market for minimising leaks. In addition, we prioritise the regeneration of SF6 that has proved unsuitable for use in electrical equipment. We are taking part in a voluntary agreement for a sustainable use of SF6, signed with the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) and in collaboration with companies in the sector, manufacturers and waste managers.

Circular economy and eco-efficiency

We promote the circular economy to improve our consumption and development model.


We are heavily involved in an important plan for reducing waste arising from building and maintenance operations in our electricity distribution grid, incorporating recovery and recycling processes.

Natural capital and biodiversity

We ensure our activities are compatible with the conservation of biodiversity and natural capital.

Collaboration project

We take part in work groups with NGOs and environmental organisations to improve biodiversity, through initiatives that include adapting facilities to protect birds or renovating transformer sheds no longer in use to create breeding sites and sanctuaries for wild species.

Environmental management and governance

We have the tools, organisation and rigorous working procedures to ensure compliance with our sustainability commitments.

Tools and methods

All our initiatives are carried out using powerful environmental management tools and/or methods that enable the control of environmental parameters, such as the environmental regulation system (Themis), bird-risk controls (BRC) and the environmental distribution system (EDS).


ISO 14001

Certification of the Environmental Management System for the planning, development and exploitation of the electricity distribution network.