At UFD we take proactive action when surges occur in our distribution network that may have caused damage to your electrical equipment.

UFD’s network is monitored with recording equipment 24 hours a day that warns us if there has been any overvoltage that could have affected you, so that we can anticipate any problems.

Thanks to our monitoring systems, as soon as we detect that an incident has occurred in our network that may have generated surges, we contact you to find out if there has been any damage to your electrical equipment and schedule its repair.

It is a very simple system, which we will explain to you in a few steps:

1. We locate the incident

  • Our technicians go to the site of the incident to verify whether it has occurred in our distribution network or in installations that are not our responsibility.

2. We let you know

  • If the incident has occurred in our network, we not only restore your power but we also call you* to check for any damage to your equipment.
  • If the incident has not occurred in our network, we will still send you an email* informing you of the failure.

3. We assist you

  • If the incident has occurred in our network and your equipment has been damaged, we will arrange with you* the date and time that suits you best for our technical assistance service to come to your home.
  • Our agents will examine your equipment and repair what has been damaged due to the incident. If repair is not possible, we will give you your money back. (**)

(*) provided we have your contact details. We encourage you to register in our Digital Services Platform (private area) because it will help us to give you a better service.

(**) If you have received a compensation document, send it back to us signed by clicking here, so that we can make the payment.

If any damage has occurred to your electrical equipment that you believe may have been caused by a surge in our network and we have not contacted you, you can make a complaint from the My requests section of our Digital Services Platform (Private Area), by previous registration, and we will clarify the situation for you:

If the claim is justified and the damage you report has been caused by a surge in our network, we will set up our technical assistance service.

If the claim is not justified because the damage you you have reported is not caused by a surge in our network, we will inform you so that you can repair it yourself.

Not all incidents on the distribution network cause damage to electrical equipment. Only some types of surges can cause damage. Incidents consisting solely of supply interruptions without surges do not cause damage to the equipment.