In exceptional cases, you may be affected by an unforeseen power cut. Incidents can occur for different reasons and to resolve them faster you must first detect whether they have occurred in your private installation or in the electricity network.

To do so, below we explain step by step what checks you need to make on your installation and how you need to act in each case.

First of all, check for light in the following places:

Can you see light in the street?

Can you see light on the stairs?

Can you see light in the lift (if you have one)?

If any of your answers is NO, the fault could be in the UFD electrical network and, therefore, it is necessary that you contact us, call our toll free telephone number 900 333 999.

We ourselves often detect the network failure, via our own systems.

In any case, whenever there is an incident on the network, we are immediately ready for action! Because we know that being without electricity is a big problem, we do not rest until we manage to restore the service.

When incidents occur due to rain, wind or snowstorms, we also provide you with an exclusive digital space containing advice and recommendations, updated meteorological information, data and a map of how the electricity supply is affected in the area, as well as the material and human resources we are using to resolve the issue.

If the answer to all the above questions is Yes and you are the only one without light, then you need to make some checks here.