Have you heard of smishing? It’s a name for fraudulent text messages or WhatsApp messages you get on your phone. It’s important to be wary, because the messages often look like they were sent by reputable firms, but they are actually designed to steal your credentials and/or infect your phone with a virus when you click on a link. Don’t fall for it!

If you receive a text message that looks suspicious, ignore it or delete it. Never click on the link or download apps.

Be careful when clicking on links or downloading files attached to emails or text messages, or on WhatsApp or social media, even from people you know.

Never reply to these messages. If you want to contact the company that supposedly sent you the suspicious message, contact them via official channels. In our case, you can contact us via the private area.

Don’t open links from unknown users or which you have not requested.

Always keep your devices updated and protected with an antivirus.

Use safe passwords and dual verification systems whenever possible.

Block the senders of any text messages you consider to be spam.

If you get a text message from UFD, remember that:

– Our text messages are from senders which include the name UFD. It’s also important for you to know that we will never contact you via WhatsApp, only via email or a text message.

– Our texts are correctly written without spelling mistakes.

– We will never ask you to send your credentials via SMS or download any programme or app to your mobile phone.

– Our communications will always tell you to log in to the Digital Services Platform of UFD (ufd.es) or the private area (https://areaprivada.ufd.es) to carry out any formalities.