In compliance with Royal Decree 110/2007, which approves the Regulation on Electricity System Measurement Points, an information campaign is being carried out on the requirement to replace meters, aimed at network customers with contracted power of less than 15kW.


The aim of this measure is to gain greater knowledge of customers’ consumption habits, which will enable more efficient use of electricity and will improve network management.

Features of the new meters

listThe power demanded by the customer can be controlled.

listThese devices will be integrated into the electronic management and measuring system of the distribution company, which is responsible for taking readings.

listThey can be programmed for different time periods. The energy will be added up in different time periods depending on the time it is consumed.

The switch-over process

Order IET/290/2012 (which modifies ITC/3860/2007) establishes 31 December 2018 as the final date for completing the replacement of all the meters. UDF has therefore presented a set of plans to the autonomous regions it operates in so this task can be undertaken in due time and form.

Customers can choose to install their own equipment or rent it for a fee set by the regional government.

The current meters that are owned by the customer and do not meet the specifications required by law will be replaced in accordance with the above-mentioned replacement plans.