To keep safe in the cyber world, it is better to be cautious and not provide your personal details, much less pay for something, if you are not completely sure that it is not a scam.

This also applies in cases where someone claims a debt for non-payment of a bill. The first thing you need to make sure is that the claimant really is who they say they are and that you do indeed have a debt with them.

Today we want to give you some advice regarding debts for non-payment of electricity bills. UFD never demands payment of debts for electricity consumption because, as a distributor, we are not responsible for your monthly electricity consumption bills. That is the supply company’s responsibility.

Although it is not usual, in some cases, we collect charges for use of our electricity grid but never for consumption. These are very specific cases and you would have had to have requested that. Usually the supply company will also ask you to pay for use of the grid as well.

If it is related to your electricity consumption, you must never pay anything or click on a link. Get in touch with us!

We could claim a debt for another service that you have contracted from us, for example, a connection with the grid, an increase in your contracted power or a change in the routing of a power line of your installation.

If you are not sure of something, do not answer any messages or click on any links. Please get in touch with us through our official channels and we will let you know if it is legitimate or not.

We want to help you!