Did you know that phishing is one of the methods most commonly used by cybercriminals to scam people and fraudulently obtain confidential information, such as their victims’ passwords or detailed information about credit cards or other banking information?

Criminals normally pretend to be a trustworthy person or company in what appears to be an official online communication, such as an email.

The email address used by the criminal often has a slightly changed or incorrect domain name.

Be careful with links. They may take you to fraudulent websites that ask you to enter confidential information. It is important that you check where the link leads to so that you can avoid being taken to a fake website that is pretending to be the real one.

 Watch out for attachments; they may contain malware or viruses. Always check that the sender is trustworthy. If you trust the source and decide to download the file, use your anti-malware software to analyse it beforehand and open it safely with your browser or an online service such as Google Drive.
Avoid downloading and opening files that have more than one extension, compressed files or executables.

Less sophisticated, more generic phishing messages are often poorly written, with discrepancies in the language used and spelling mistakes.

Watch out! Criminals play on your emotions to make you act fast without thinking. For example, they may concern a fine that you have to pay quickly, theft of a password that needs to be changed urgently, etc.

Don’t trust any message that asks for personal, tax, banking data, etc. because this type of information isn’t normally requested in this manner.

If you receive an email from UFD, we recommend that:

– Our emails are always sent from the domain @ufd.es

– They are correctly written without spelling mistakes.

– Our brand image is correctly presented with our logos and house style.

– We will never request your credentials by email; instead, you will be asked to register on the UFD Digital Services Platform (ufd.es) or the private area (https://areaprivada.ufd.es) to manage your account.