• EIC (Industry Newsletter)
  • In order to review and connect the installation, we need you to request a connection
  • In the case of a medium-voltage connection of <100 Kw, you must bear in mind the 59N maximum homopolar voltage requirement and include developed protection and control diagrams, as well as the 59N operation tests on the corresponding relay.
  • Your installation projects: we need you to send us developed diagrams of the protective elements and measuring devices.
  • Administrative documentation prior to commissioning: technical access contract, technical maintenance contract, third-party installations, auxiliary services contract, administrative authorisation, start-up certificate and authorisation for the singular measurement configuration from the competent authority.
  • Specific execution and commissioning documentation that we will specify when we send you the access and connection solution.

Information on your installations:

  • Auxiliary services contract (you must manage this with your supply company)
  • Exploitation procedure
  • Technical access contract (we will provide you with this document)
  • Installation start-up certificate
  • Insurance policies
  • Information on protection elements (lines and substations, as well as a study of the settings of protection elements)

If your connection has a dedicated position in a new substation or when you are executing the extension work, you must also provide us with the following information:

  • Project, including:
    • Basic engineering
    • Official project endorsed by a professional association with specific verification that it meets all the reglementary requirements established in legislation, the basic project or civil work supplement, and organism or environment supplements (where applicable).
    • Civil construction, electromechanical, control and protection, communication, measurement, fire protection and safety projects.
    • For underground sections, specific installation calculation resulting from the cable power transport capacity, in order to verify its validity within the whole network.

Applicable legislation

  • Royal Decree 1699/2011 applies to: 
    • All low-voltage technologies with a power of up to 100 kW
    • Cogeneration, biogas and biomass up to 1,000 MW and with a voltage of up to 36 kV
  • Royal Decree 413/2014 applies to:
    • All technologies with a power of over 100 kW, or with a power of less than 100 kW and a voltage of over 1 kV (except for cogeneration, biogas and biomass)
    • Cogeneration, biogas and biomass of over 1,000 MW and with a voltage of over 36 kV
  •  Royal Decree 244/2019 applies to self-consumption.