Below, we tell you some points that will help you carry out your installation project.

General considerations

Support work

Support work is carried on the operational distribution network and, therefore, must be performed by the network manager.

Extension work

Extension work may be carried out by the person requesting the access and connection process and spans from the installation to the distribution network.

Power and matching data

The initial data of your installation project must include the same information as the access and connection solution you were sent by UFD. Remember that your project must show the same power that we granted in the connection and access point notification. This must be the same as the installation’s installed capacity.

Endorsement or statement of compliance from the technician

Remember that your project should preferably be endorsed. However, if it is not, you must also send a statement of compliance digitally signed by the technician that prepared your project.

Technical characteristics

Remember that the technical characteristics included in your installation project must coincide with the corresponding plans and quote.

Project of the installation to be transferred

If installations to be transferred to the distributor (in this case, UFD) are included in the access and connection solution, these must be indicated in the installation project.

Example projects

Remember that the connection installations and the installations that will form part of the network must meet the requirements set out in UFD’s Example Projects and Particular Specifications which have been approved by the competent authorities and can be found on our website. In the project (or report), you should expressly mention that the installation meets the applicable requirements included in UFD’s example projects and particular conditions.

Standardised materials and equipment

In order to simplify and streamline the process, we recommend that you take into account the standardised and accepted equipment and materials indicated on our website, as they have been through a verification process that guarantees they fulfil the applicable regulatory requirements, standards, and particular specifications.

Certificates and tests

In the event that you wish to use materials and equipment that are not included in this list, you must provide us with a copy of the certificates and tests that prove they meet the applicable standards and regulations, in addition to all the technical information necessary to validate this equipment (such as technical data sheets, manuals/catalogues, or plans and diagrams). We will check that they meet these requirements and, when applicable, accept their use as long as the technical conditions and compatibility with the existing network are ensured.

  • You must bear in mind that the distribution station will be openly accessible from the public thoroughfare and include this in your installation project.
  • If we indicated that a remote control system must be installed in the distribution station in the access and connection solution, you must include this in the installation project.
  • Do not forget to indicate that the distribution station and the transformer station cannot share an enclosure.
  • Remember to indicate how the low-voltage supply for the remote control system in the distribution station is provided.
  • If we indicated that a remote control system is necessary in the access and connection solution, remember to show this in the transformer station included in the project.
  • Make sure you always indicate the location and entrances to the transformer station.
  • You must indicate the technical characteristics of the transformer station and its enclosure.
  • In the event that the transformer station enclosure is prefabricated, you must indicate that it has no perimeter walkway.
  • Do not forget to include the transformer station civil work plans and indicate the distance between the transformer station’s ventilation holes and windows and connected entrances.
  • Do not forget to indicate that the installation is openly accessible from the public thoroughfare, as can be seen in the example projects available on our website.
  • Do not forget to indicate that the transformer station meets the conditions regarding the minimum required dimensions in accordance with the example projects available on our website.
  • In the event that the solution is connected by a shunt, remember to indicate the location of the surge protection device.
  • Remember that the first section of the connection must not be taut if the solution is connected by a medium-voltage shunt.
  • Do not forget the reglementary distances in accordance with the example projects on our website.
  • For frequently visited supports, remember to include compliance with the step and contact voltages and/or the additional measures  adopted to comply with the contact voltage in the project.