You will also have to send us the following documents for the purposes of processing acceptability, provided your connection point matches one of the following cases:

  • The power you are requesting is in excess of 5 MW. In this case, you will have to provide us with the documents when making your request.
  • The power you are requesting is up to 5 MW and the connection point granted implies that the total power granted is in excess of 1 MW at that connection point (including the set of existing or planned generators). In this case, we will require the documents from you after we have studied your request, and only if there is access and a connection. You would therefore not need to provide the documents when you make your request.
  Document of Acceptability, in the Red Eléctrica de España format

You can download the latest version of the document on the REE website. After completing it, please attach it as a pdf to your request in the private area.

  • Remember that you must enter all the mandatory information and it must match the information in the initial documentation (requested power, installed power, technology, details and name of the installation).
  • In order to complete the document, follow the REE instructions in the document itself.
  • Remember that the form must be signed.
  • Once completed, click on Print document to convert it to a pdf.
Single-line scheme of the connection point to the distribution network

Please note that:

  • It must be in pdf format
  • It must be in accordance with the approved technical standards
  • The connection point indicated in the scheme must match the connection point communicated by the manager of the distribution network and the connection mode indicated
Location map

Geo-location of the connection point where you connect to the distribution network. Some details which will help us:

  • It is geo-referenced
  • It includes a municipal fee
  • It contains local land registry references