RedACTIVA is an innovation project based on the automation of the isolated neutral distribution network


The RedACTIVA Project is based on the development of innovative solutions, tools and equipment that will help streamline automation of the MV/LV electricity distribution network aimed at improving network operation through efficiency and effectiveness improvements to offer a solution to identified operation problems, adding functionalities to equipment already in the field and improving service quality for end users.

Goals and scope

listAvoid islanding

To develop solutions that will allow the prevention of unintended islanding of distributed generation systems installed on the network, which are becoming increasingly more common.

listFerroresonance solutions

To develop solutions that avoid or offset the appearance of ferroresonance on the distribution network.

listDevelop new sensors

To develop new voltage/intensity sensors that enable reliable real-time information to be gathered on the network status, rather than status estimates.

listTest solutions

To test the solutions and devices developed by the project in laboratory and real-life pilot schemes in pursuit of correct functionality for the new systems and faster access to the market.

listFault location

To develop specific algorithms for locating faults on the various power lines components.

listPredictive maintenance

To implement early fault detection systems on the electricity distribution system that will allow for predictive maintenance of the grid and improved asset management, aimed at increasing the useful life of equipment and streamlining maintenance/replacement costs.

Benefits and achievements

To optimise electricity distribution network automation work in terms of reducing inspection cost and time.

Improved service quality by enabling more power line inspections to be conducted as a result of decreased operating costs.

Increased power line inspection safety by avoiding unintended islanding and installing new reliable real-time information sensors to measure network status.

Significant progress

listStudy of performance by an isolated neutral network in reverse fault situations

listWeb developments and photovoltaic generation system modelling in LV in terms of detection and operation in electricity island mode

listActive device testing for ferroresonance mitigation

listSoftware application development with the sensor installation available for meter and data concentrator events in LV Tele-management

Financing Mechanism, Important Milestones

RETOS 2015 call for proposals, framed within the National Public-Private Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competition (MINECO).

Duration: June 2015 – May 2018

Fundable budget: €3.5M


File ID No.: RTC-2015-4176-3

listMinistry of Economy and Competitiveness

listEuropean Regional Development Fund

To promote technological development, innovation and quality research.


The RedACTIVA Project comprises a consortium of seven entities:

  • Leader: Unión Fenosa Distribución S.A.
  • Technology companies: Viesgo, Ormazabal and Ingeteam
  • Technology Centres and universities: Circe, Ikerlan and Universidad de Cantabria