The CUPS is the Universal Supply Point Code, a 20 or 22 digit alphanumeric code* that uniquely and permanently identifies all electricity supply points.
This is generated by the distributor in the format ESXXXXXXXXXXXXAB1P.

What do I need the CUPS for?

You’ll need to have it at hand when you want to:


We distributors take care of ensuring the electricity supply reaches your house, but you must know which company works in the area where you live.

To find out if UFD is your distributor, you can consult our map or check if your CUPS starts with 0022 or 0390.

How can I find out my CUPS?

You can easily find it on your electricity bill from your supply company.

Furthermore, as part of our digitalisation process, if your supply is within the UFD distribution area you can also find the CUPS on our digital service platform, by accessing your private area, under the My Supplies section. If you don’t have a username yet, you can easily register.