You can easily delegate your supply points to a manager or advisor from the Private Area by going to My Supplies, and then Managed by me, from the list of supply points. You can delegate one by one, or several at a time by selecting the supply points and then clicking Delegate to a manager or Authorise advisers.

Remember that...

Only the holder of a supply point may assign a manager or advisor, but the manager or advisor must first be registered in the Private area.


If there is not yet an associated manager or adviser, a screen will appear to register them. If there are already associated managers or advisers, clicking on the My managers or My advisers link will cause the list of managers or advisers to appear.

To associate a supply point to a manager or advisor, select the supply and click on delegate to a manager or authorise advisers. A window will open with the list of managers or advisers who are registered and the delegation period.

In addition to choosing the manager or adviser you want, you must also establish a delegation period for the supply point.


By clicking on Accept, the supply points will be associated with a manager or adviser, and they will receive an email informing them that they must accept or reject the delegation.

Authorisation of delegation


If you have not yet registered, you can also make your request using this authorisation of supply point delegation.


Once it has been signed by both parties, your future supply point manager can send it to us by filling out the following form.