Ensuring that your home has an uninterrupted electricity supply is one of the main objectives of electricity generators, distributors and supply companies. We all work in the same process, but what do each of us do, and how are we different? Do you know which one to contact when you have a problem? We’ll clear up any doubts you may have.

What are the functions of the distributor?

Distributors, such as UFD, are responsible for maintaining the networks and supply quality, maintaining and reading the meters, and processing registrations and cancellations from supply companies. Find out about everything we do as a distribution company.

Electricity distribution companies are assigned certain areas of the national territory. This means that your electricity distribution company will depend on your geographical location, and is totally independent from the company with which you contract your electricity supply, which is the supply company.

When should I contact my distributor?


  • Power cuts or breakdowns
  • Meter problems or management
  • Giving electricity readings
  • Reporting fraud
  • Requesting new supplies

What if I have questions about my bill?

All questions related to your bill, payment collections or consumption should be directed to your supply company:

  • Changes or questions about your rate
  • Company registrations and cancellations
  • Management processes related to your bill
  • Changes to your details