Find out about our power comparison tool and save on your electricity bill!


We bring you a new digital tool to make it easier for you to compare the electrical power you have contracted and the amount you actually use, so that you can adjust it and save on your supply.

Our new power comparison tool tells you the monthly maximum power requested for each period (peak, shoulder, off-peak) in relation to the power contracted in those periods, allows you to compare the results with those of other years and gives you recommendations to adjust the contracted power in each period depending on your actual power needs, which will mean savings on your electricity bill.

You can find the new power comparison tool in your Private Area of our Digital Services Platform, in the My Supply menu. Go into the supply period you want to find out about and click on Manage my Supply/Maximum power requested. Below the graph you will see the Power Adjustment Recommendation box.

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From the Private Area, you will be able to manage all your procedures from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

  • You can find out your daily, monthly and even hourly electricity consumption.
  • You can consult the status of the meter and reactivate the Power Control Switch if it is inactive.
  • You can request a new connection to the grid for consumption, generation and self-consumption.
  • You will be able to monitor your queries and requests.

And much more!

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