We let you know when there’s a power outage


At UFD, keeping you up to date on everything related to your electrical supply is our priority because we believe in keeping surprises to a minimum, especially when it comes to the electricity in your home or business.

Therefore, moving forward, we’ll notify you if there’s an incident on our grid that could impact your supply whilst we work to resolve it.

When we detect the incident, we’ll send you a notification via your chosen channel (by email, SMS or on the UFD app) indicating the address and the estimated date and time when service will be restored.

Furthermore, we’ll let you know once the issue has been successfully resolved.

What should I do to start receiving these notifications?

It’s straightforward! All you have to do is register in our private area and activate the notifications by going to My Supplies/My Alerts and indicating how you’d like to receive them.

You can change your preferences or deactivate them whenever you want on the same page.

How do I download the UFD app to receive notifications? You can find the app at Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

  1. Go to “My Supplies” in the menu.
  2. Click on the “My Alerts” button with the bell icon.
  3. Choose how and when you’d like to receive notifications.
  4. If you choose to receive notifications in the UFD app, remember to download it to your mobile phone.
  5. Don’t forget to save your settings.

Now you’re all set to begin receiving your alerts!

Still haven’t registered? What are you waiting for! Sign up here.

At UFD, we work with your needs in mind.