How we guarantee service during a storm

Electricity distribution

Guaranteeing the energy supply and meeting the needs of our users is one of our strongest commitments, even in the most unfavourable circumstances. This was the case during Storm Filomena, one of the worst snow storms in recent years that, as you will recall, left us with images that will go down in history.

Despite the difficulties, hundreds of people from our company — many of them in the fieldworked to ensure the electricity supply and repair failures caused by the storm.

Esther Nava, representative for Madrid, and David Alonso, representative for Segovia, Guadalajara and towns in north Madrid, tell us how in this podcast from the ¡Energía en positivo! (Positive Energy!) campaign. Naturgy’s podcast on interesting aspects related to energy and the environment is presented by the famous journalist Pilar García de la Granja.

As Esther and David explain, at UFD, we are aware that we offer an essential service and, in the face of this type of extreme weather phenomenon, we prepare ourselves in advance and deploy a large number of human and technical teams to deal with incidents.

Listen to the podcast and pass it on to all your contacts.

At UFD, we go to great efforts to guarantee the electricity supply in all circumstances!