Increasing digitalisation to offer a better service


UFD has a steadfast commitment to society and to developing the locations where we carry out our activity, creating long and short-term value based on the pillars of sustainability and the environment.

Consequently, in 2023 we invested 450 million in digitalising and improving our more than 115,000 kilometres of network in Spain, which represents an increase of 59% compared to the previous year. In the last five years alone, we have exceeded 1.48 billion euros with a focus on improving the quality of our service.

Our investments and spending generate a total of 26,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs and play an important role in retaining the population in rural areas thanks to the local management of our physical assets.

Efforts made in terms of development, sensorisation and digitalisation of our infrastructures have led to a significant improvement in service quality, measured through the equivalent interruption time of installed capacity (TIEPI). This indicator has improved by 27% over the last five years and reached 30.7 minutes in 2023.

We will also maintain a high rate of investment during 2024, prioritising innovation and the digitisation of distribution networks as a fundamental part of the energy transition towards a decarbonised model.

In addition, we will continue to develop our Digital Services Platform as a space where you can complete all your formalities on any device, anytime, anywhere, as the primary point of contract amongst the different agents in the electricity system.