Leader in electric grid inspection with long-range drones


UFD has reached a milestone in the European electricity and aeronautical industries by completing the first 1,000 kilometres of monitored network flights using long-range drones with automatic navigation.

That makes us the first Spanish energy company to regularly employ this type of unmanned aircraft in its operations, and one of the first in Europe to develop this activity. Our goal is to become the first to inspect 100% of our power line network with this type of technology.

We have carried out this initiative in partnership with FuVeX, a start-up from Navarre whose mission is to enable the use of long-range drones, and thanks to the permits granted by the air agencies AESA and ENAIRE.

Together with FuVeX, we have started to implement this state-of-the-art data capture technology in the high and medium voltage grid. By using long-range drones, and thanks to eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision platform, we will digitise this entire grid to enable the use of AI technologies in its predictive maintenance for the first time.

It represents another step towards a new way of operating and maintaining our electricity distribution network, in line with our commitment to digitising our activities and procedures.

At UFD, we are building a more sustainable future for everybody!