A new digital services platform at your fingertips


At UFD, we work every day to continue improving our digital channels and offer you more benefits. Because we know you want to decide how, when and where to carry out your management tasks and request a service quickly and easily.

That’s why we have improved our website service and incorporated new aspects into the private area. Now, all the management tasks and requests can be made via this new channel, including those that used to be done on the UFD Online Management Task Portal.

Check your energy consumption, self-consumption or energy discharged into the grid, and choose how you want to see your data: by billing period, days, weeks, months or between two dates you choose.

Request a modification to a supply (for example, a power extension or line deviation) or a modification of your private installations.

Process a consultation, request or claim

Check your maximum demanded power

Authorise a manager or an energy advisor

Request a new connection to our network

Request a new generation or self-consumption connection


All this and much more!

If you’re still not registered, what are you waiting for? You can register from any device!