Tips for saving energy at home when you go on holiday

Tips and advice

Would you like to optimise your electricity consumption at home this summer? Going on holiday and want to save energy while you are away?

UFD would like to help with a few simple tips: little tricks to save energy while you enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

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The fridge, a great way to save:

  • If you are going on holiday and aren’t going to be using your fridge, turn the temperature up a little to save energy.
  • Make sure the door gaskets are in good condition so that the door seals properly and you don’t waste electricity.
  • If you aren’t going to be at home for a few weeks, it’s best to empty it and switch it off. You won’t consume a single kilowatt! And don’t forget to leave the doors open so that mould or bad odours don’t develop.
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Unplug all non-essential electrical appliances while you’re away:

  • When you leave, don’t forget to unplug your electronic devices. Even if you don’t use them, they are still using energy.

Turn the water heater or boiler off too:

  • If you aren’t going to be at home, you can also switch off the water heater or boiler and disconnect it from the mains. It will save you money and energy.
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Don’t forget to turn all the lights off:

  • Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry to go on holiday, we leave a light on by mistake. Before locking the front door, remember to check every room so you don’t leave any on.
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Do you have very old and inefficient electrical appliances? It’s time to get new ones!

  • The summer sales can be a good time to replace some of your electrical appliances and devices with more modern ones that have the A+++ label because they offer a much better performance and savings. It’s an investment for years to come!

Would you like to monitor the electricity consumption of your home from your holiday destination?

You can use the private area to check the electricity consumption of your home, wherever you are. Easily find out how much electricity is being consumed in your home from any device, on a daily and even hourly basis.

At UFD, we’re building a more sustainable future for all!