Consult the steps associated with your request


At UFD, we strive day after day to offer you more and better services and benefits. That’s why, we are pleased to inform you that we have incorporated new data in our Digital Services Platform regarding management of your connection request, which you can consult from your private area.

If you go into your request, once you have accepted the quote and made the payment, in the new “Processing” stage you will be able to consult the processing of the licences, permits and administrative authorisations required by the request That way, you will always be informed of any progress.

In the next stage, Execution of the request, you will be able to notify us of the completion date of your particular installations, and we will inform you of the expected date for carrying out the works. Once executed, to finalise the process, we will provide you with the Universal Supply Point Code, or CUPS (in Spanish), which you will need to formalise the contract with the commercial company of your choice.

Remember that, whenever you need to, you can check your request, consult messages and invoices and send us any queries via the “My requests” section.

At UFD, we work with your needs in mind.