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Did you know there is an index that measures the quality of the electricity supply that electricity distribution companies such as UFD offer you?

This index is called TIEPI (Interruption Time Equivalent of Installed Capacity) and it refers to the time the electricity supply is interrupted in homes, industries, companies, etc., in a specific area and for a specific period of time.

As it indicates the service interruption time, the lower it is, the better the supply quality.

UFD had a TIEPI of 39.8 minutes last year. This is one of the best supply quality indices in Europe and cities such as Madrid or A Coruña, where UFD distribute, are some of the European cities with the best supply quality.

This quality has been achieved thanks to the efforts that UFD has made in innovation and by applying new technologies to make progress in the field of remote measurement and telemanagement  of supply points, on telecommand and remote sensors for networks, as well as on making infrastructures more robust and integrating communication networks and systems into the conventional network to streamline operation. For example, during the last three years, the company has invested more than €1.5 billion in improving its service and its infrastructures and networks.

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