At UFD, we work to guarantee your electricity supply



Electricity is an essential and critical service for society, now more than ever, and as an electricity distributor, our job is to ensure that there is a continuous supply in every home, factory, and business… but also in every hospital, emergency service and supermarket.

That’s why, in spite of COVID-19, we haven’t stopped. Some of us are working from home, but there are also others at their posts, for example in the Network Operation Centres, who make sure that electricity is always available and detect any faults so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The teams at the Network Operation Centre are operational 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and have now incorporated new security measures, both to ensure the health of our people and guarantee the supply that is so essential to those who are caring for us during this pandemic.

In addition to the Network Operation Centre, we have teams of people who go out every day to check the power lines and facilities and ensure that they are in perfect condition and operating correctly. Because we know you don’t want to spend a minute without electricity.

At UFD, we always work to guarantee your electricity supply, and now more than ever!