Follow this advice and learn how to avoid being ripped off by doorstep scammers

Tips and advice

Every so often, we read news stories about doorstep scammers who gain entry to people’s homes by pretending to be an electricity or other utility engineer when, in actual fact, they are simply there to rob or rip them off.

In light of such cases, UFD would like to offer our advice on how to prevent this from happening to you.

To begin with, it is highly unlikely that our engineers will need to enter your home to undertake work on the electricity installation. In fact, there are only four situations in which this might be necessary:

  • When you have requested an increase to the capacity of yourelectricity supply, it may be necessary to remove your Power Control Switch.
  • When the meteris inside your home, which is very rare.
  • When you have requested achange in your electricity contract and the installation is more than 20 years old, because we will need to inspect it.
  • When you have reporteddamage to electrical appliances and the technical service comes to perform an assessment and/or repair. In some cases, we will have called you to assess the service provided by an engineer.

Therefore, if you have not requested a visit by a company engineer yourself, the meter is not inside your home or we have not called you, do not trust the person at your door. In any case, if we need to access your home for any of these reasons, our engineers will always have an official form of identification on them.

Remember, UFD will never need to do anything inside your home that must be paid for on the spot, either in cash or by card.

Of course, if you are in any doubt about the identification or intentions of the engineer asking to enter your home, follow this useful advice and get in touch with us by calling 900 111 999.