Self-supply is now even simpler with our Digital Services Platform


Did you know that, some time ago, we made 5 commitments because we want you to know that your satisfaction as a customer or user is our top priority? One of these commitments is to make connection to the electricity network easier, managing new self-supply connections in a more streamlined manner.

To this end, now you will always be informed about the self-supply connection process, and we clearly and visually explain the different categories established by the regulations and the steps you must take in each case. You can consult all this information whenever you like through our Digital Services Platform, where you can also easily complete the connection request process.

Additionally, by filling out a form we can let you know in just minutes if you need to request network access and connection and give you your Self-Supply Code (CAU), an essential requirement to contract self-supply and register it in your Autonomous Community.

In a simple infographic, we also give you all the details on the next steps you must take to finalise the process, the first of which will be adjusting your installation to fit the technical instructions, where you will find all the connection and measurement diagrams for the different types of self-supply.

And, as always, we’re here to help if you have any questions! You can send all your questions and requests through the private area of our Digital Services Platform.

Managing self-supply is now much easier with UFD!