We are committed to an integrated, optimised and more flexible network!


Electricity grids are transforming to meet the challenges posed by energy transition and new consumer demands. An efficient integration of distributed energy resources (demand, storage, electric vehicle, renewable and distributed generation, etc.,) is a challenge and requires the development of a new, more decentralised, dynamic and flexible distribution model, which depends on digitisation of the management of the grid and the relations with these resources.

Set on driving these changes forward in coordination with all the other European operators, UFD is taking part in the OneNet project, an important initiative launched by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, which is working to integrate all the players involved in the European electrical grid to create operational synergies and thereby optimize the energy system as a whole, maximising the consumer’s capacity to participate in the market.

Large-scale demonstrations of innovative network services are going to be carried out for that purpose, coordinated by more than 70 companies and organisations from various countries. UFD will be participating in the Spanish demonstration, as part of the consortium alongside OMIE, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE), Comillas Pontifical University and other companies from the sector.

UFD’s pilot project involves developing a market of flexibility services, hired and activated by the distributor depending on infrastructure needs, thereby achieving a more optimised grid and greater distributed and renewable generation penetration.

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We are building the electricity grids of the future!