We continue improving our digital channels to provide you with a better user experience


As part of our digitalisation strategy, UFD has launched a new private area for users. It has been updated and modernised with more and better functions, and better usability. The new channel makes browsing more simple and intuitive, and it can now be accessed from any device.

Once you are registered, you can check your electricity consumption and manage your supply points in the private area. In addition, if you generate electricity through particular installations connected to the distribution network, we will also off you information on the volume of energy you generate and pour into the network.

We have also incorporated more information about the supply points and new functions, such as the option to authorise a manager to carry out the tasks on your behalf or an energy advisor to check your data directly from the platform and then recommend how to reduce your consumption and be more efficient.

And this is only the beginning. We will also soon include more functions and you will be able to carry out all the management tasks for your supply point from this channel. From any device you can simply and intuitively request new electricity supply connections or modifications to a supply (for example, a power extension or a line deviation). You will also be able to request modifications to private installations, and access and connection of generation installations to the distribution network.

On the other hand, as of now users of the TuLuz mobile app can benefit from the best services of the new private area without having to install an app on their phone. It is now inactive, so users now have to access their data from this new website access. Users can also still check the map of incidents they had on the app, which is now available on our public website via this link.

We are an innovative digital company

The technological changes are modifying consumption habits and the demands of electricity consumers, who want to be more proactive, have consumption information so they can be more efficient, manage their own demand, have built-in services, etc.

This is why UFD, as an electricity distribution company, places itself at the forefront, anticipating the needs of its users, and after implementing smart meters and network sensorisation, has launched this new online channel which, in addition to providing all the information about electricity consumption, will become a digital platform of services where users can carry out all their tasks online, anywhere and at any time.