We listen to installers


At UFD, we strive every day to offer new services that are better adapted to your needs as a user and we like to listen to your ideas and points of view.

Because who better than someone who uses a service to know what works best for them?

That’s why we have recently organised several working sessions with groups of installers, a very active collective in the use of our Digital Service Platform, to learn about their vision and gather their suggestions and proposals for improvement.

More specifically, installers belonging to four associations from different autonomous communities took part, addressing different aspects and contributing very interesting ideas to improve the usability of the digital platform.

Among other issues, participants highlighted the need to create a specific profile for installers, adapted to their needs, or to expand and clarify the information for users in the connection request process, as well as through proactive messaging that tells them what the next step is and what they have to do.

So thank you very much to all the participants for your ideas, which will help us to keep developing our Digital Service Platform and ensure it is increasingly useful for all our users.