If you have a power cut during a storm… this will interest you!


We know that it’s a real problem if you are left without electricity during a rain, wind or snow storm, so we never rest until we solve all the possible impacts on your electricity service.

What is more, now we want to offer you all the information on the weather situation and any possible effect on your power supply from your computer or mobile, through our Digital Services Platform.

When there is a storm, we’ll put an exclusive space at your disposal with tips and recommendations, up-to-date weather information, data and a map showing how the power supply in your area is affected, as well as the material and human means we are using to solve the power cut.

And that’s not all! If your power goes out, you’ll be able to notify us through the same space by filling in a simple form, and we’ll keep you informed of progress on the incident by email until it can be totally solved. Without having to wait on the phone!

We’ll be happy to help you!